Good Morning! I'm Jack Merrill.

A 17 year old Graphic and UI Designer and Fullstack Developer from the Windy City.

Hey there!

I'm Jack, a 17 year old web developer from Chicago. I've been programming since 2014 creating great things with Javascript, Python, HTML and CSS, and more.

My Skills

Web Development

I've used Next.js, Express.js, and Flask for backends, and TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, and Material Design for frontends.

Server Management

I have lots of experience with managing servers, whether they are on-premises or cloud servers. I have experience using and managing Docker instances as well as databases.

Graphic Design

My front-end experience stemmed from my graphic design skills. I have used Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Inkscape, and other graphic programs.

My Designs

Here are a few designs I've made!

Personal Logo
Old Personal Logo
Demo App Icon
Stryx Logo
Isometric Building
AmusedGrape Icon
New Stryx Icon
Nyxx Logo
Lunar Design Logo

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